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Hello fellow gamers, heroes, dungeon explorers and the rest of the internet. We are so happy to have you here. Our current major project is character persona books. In short it's the best way for storing all of your detailed characters information, adventures and notes. The Kickstarter campaign will begin soon. Sign up with your email below for our newsletter and to be notified of our progress. This site is a work in progress check back often.
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I also wanted to send a special thanks to Alayna for letting me borrow her art work Noka, City of Fire. Check her out she is amazing.

About Us.

We are a very passionate group of people working towards bringing you the best gaming experience possible. Our products are geared towards those who love their characters and gaming experience. Where story matters and battles are glorious.

We are all gamers ourselves. Most for over 20 years. Our backgrounds include graphic design, computer (administration, networking and security), literature, publishing and entrepreneurs.

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